October 11, 2012

Autumn Goods

Oh the simple pleasures in life...
Yesterday we made a day of Liepold Farms.  On Sawyer's first Pumpkin Patch experience he learned what a donkey sounds like, that you have to have patience while waiting for momma to pick a pumpkin (I told Bryan "it's like going to a restaurant with a large menu, how are you supposed to decide!"), and how to open a can of red paint!  It's amazing what's at his level that we can't see.


It was a beautiful day to "stop and smell the roses" or as I would say, to "stop and pick a pumpkin", or two, or three, and a stroller full of gourds!
Inspired by Autumn, I thought I'd decorate...

A vertical Fall banner, made with burlap and painted letters.  An easy 10 minute project to spruce up my window.

Also, a 3D star made out of twigs.  A little trickier, this project was made a few months ago to serve as a mantle piece.  It's fallen off and been re-glued two too many times, so it was time for this star to find a new home; my other window!

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