October 16, 2012

An Array of Texture, Halloween Accessory

It's time to break out those costumes, cake on the makeup, and get spooky!
With Halloween right around the corner some terrifying texture is a must.  I was brainstorming ideas when I came across this old skeleton ring hidden in my jewelry box.  Cool hu?!

...but to be stuck on my finger, where only the occasional eye sees it, nah.  This needs to stand out, attract attention, make a statement.
I started by ruffling a piece of lace into a circle.
Then I slipped the skeletons through the hole and secured the ring into place.
I left the actual ring attached to the skeletons because I thought maybe I'd keep it as a ring.
But my goal was bigger than that.  So I took some more lace and made a headband.
I secured the ruffle skeleton piece to the headband, but still left the ring attached just in case I ever want to wear it that way.  To cover up the silver from the back I attached a black feather.
Here's the finished piece.  Sorry my hair is so dark, it blends right in.  But I still like it!

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