Hi, I'm Mariah, welcome to Array of Texture!  My little corner of bliss where rambunctious boys subside for a few short hours, the never ending loads of laundry vanish from that nagging spot in my head, and where my love for garments, fabrics, colors, and textures shine true!

To find greatness, one has to be, well, inspired.  Which can be a challenge for most, including myself at times.  Luckily, I have a built in, living inspiration board.  My boys provide me with goofy faces, inappropriate sounds, and ridiculous dance moves all day long.  They inspire me to live life and have fun, to laugh and love.  They inspire me to strive to be the best mother and wife, for them, but also to be the best for myself.

So in my effort to be remarkable, for my family and myself, I will shop, discover, and create!  Seeing that, thrift shopping, antiquing, and garage sales enliven me, and a good find always make my day (and I'm not talking about the remote control), but simply because, creativity is in my nature; to create and re-create.

That's why I started Array of Texture.  A blog to share my love for beautiful vintage garments and nostalgic items and a small business to show the world that I have the ability to produce beautiful things!
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Thanks for being here!  Any and all comments are encouraged!

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  1. Hi Mariah,

    What a great idea for a blog site! Love it and Love your ideas! I'll be a regular from now on to watch for other great decorating and sewing ideas.

    Connie P